Town Moves To Add Surcharge For Waste Pre-treatment
Posted on Tuesday, March 6th, 2018 at 9:59 pm.

The Chapin Town Council Tuesday gave first reading to establish surcharge rates for acceptance of high strength waste discharges and sewer charges for septage delivered to the wastewater treatment plant.

Chapin does not currently have any customers who produce wastes that would require pre-treatment, but until recently one industry that would have produced high strength wastes was considering a location in the Chapin Technology Park at Brighton. Town Council is moving to establish surcharges for such wastes should they be needed in the future.

Town Engineer Dan Lambert explained, “The utilities department is currently working on looking at the town’s sewer use ordinance and also our development regulations. The sewer use ordinance was established in 1997 and last updated in 2006. The development regulations were last updated in 2011. Technology changes pretty rapidly as we are all aware, and we want to make sure that we stay abreast of what we need to stay abreast of and the town is protected in those avenues.”

“Looking at our pre-treatment program – state regulations say if you have any kind of significant industrial or manufacturing user that discharges high strength wastes to your system, you need a pre-treatment program in order to be able to monitor the nature of their discharge in order to deal with it effectively,” he said.

“High strength wastes add an additional expense on the cost of treating that high strength waste, over and above the cost of the normal flow.”

He said he had done an analysis of what it would cost the town to treat high strength waste, as well as looking at what other utilities in the area charge.

The town is considering 2018 sewer capacity charges based on cost per pound for treating several parameters: 25 cents for BOD5;; 25 cents for TSS; 16 cents for COD, 80 cents for ammonia and $1.45 for phosphorus. Thee would also be a $250 Industrial Discharge Permit Application Fee charge, and an annual Program Maintenance and Inspection Fee of $1,500.

The Town is also considering accepting septage at the new treatment facility, expected to be completed within 18 months, for other than existing customers.

Lambert said, “There are a lot of people in our service area who are not customers of the Town of Chapin, who have septic tanks.”   The proposed fee per 1,000 gallons for accepting septage in the service area is $60; out of area is $65; portable toilet waste septage in area $45; out of area $50; RV and Boat Waste per 150 gallons, $10.   Oil/water separator and grease trap wastes will not be accepted.